Four Things To Consider When Photographing Coins

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Four Things To Consider When Photographing Coins

8 December 2015
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When it comes to selling your coin collection, you have far more avenues to do it with than years before. The internet has made it very easy to attract coin buyers from all over the world, but if you want to really get their attention, you are going to need some effective photos of the coins. Selling your coins over the internet can present some major challenges in terms of providing the right look and feel of them to someone who cannot see them in person. If you want to sell your coins for the best price, you are going to need to some great photography skills to capture the coins best. Here are some tips if you are a beginner in photographing coins. 

Using the Right Equipment

When photographing coins, it is important that you have the right equipment to get the depth, shape, and texture. Because of how small coins are and you want to get different angles of the coin, you should choose a DSLR camera when shooting the coins. You also want a dedicated macro lens that is able to capture even the smallest details of the coin. When it comes to the flash, you would generally not want a built-in flash if you are shooting something in such close range. With a coin, you can use the built-in flash to help gather the details, and it places the light further back than the lens. 

Focusing on the Image

When shooting a coin, you want to make sure you are getting the entire coin and not just portions of it. In order to do this, you want to set up the maximum depth of field you can on your camera. This can be done by setting the camera to manual mode instead of automatic mode. Once this is done, you can then adjust the lens so that the coins image looks clear when you look into the camera. 

Avoid Shadows

To help gather the right light and avoid having shadows on your image, you want to set up a light tent. These can be purchased for about $100. Other options include getting a coin dome, fabric cube, or enclosed box to help retain the light where it should be. Should you combine an illuminated platform and a white background, then you will most likely get shadows on your coin when photographing it. 

Utilizing Holding Wax

In order to get vertical images of your coin, you will need a substance called holding wax. This helps position your coin upright so that you can photograph it at different angles. The wax can easily be molded so that you are able to set up the coin as you want. The great thing about the holding wax is that you can continue to manipulate it without damaging it. 

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