Five Simple Ways to Reduce Your Debt When Living With a Roommate

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Five Simple Ways to Reduce Your Debt When Living With a Roommate

16 December 2015
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Being in debt is not an enjoyable experience, especially when you have trouble climbing out of it. Living with a roommate is one way to minimize your monthly expenses and start paying off debt, but you can still accrue a variety of unnecessary expenses without proper planning. It is ideal to get your roommate involved and take advantage of several easy ways to cut costs and save money for the both of you.

Make Plans for Budget-Friendly Activities

Although going out to the movies, a bar, or a sports game might seem like your ideal version of fun, you should try to make budget-friendly plans with your roommate instead. For instance, you can watch a movie at home, play cards, play a board game, or invite friends over for a casual get-together. It is essential to be creative to keep your expenses low and still cater to your interests.

Create an Energy-Efficient Plan

When living with a roommate, trying to determine how to best use your windows, window treatments, and the heating and cooling system can seem like an impossible challenge. However, taking the time to create an energy-efficient plan with your roommate can produce some great money-saving results.

Shop Together for Groceries

While it is completely fine to have food that is just for you in your home, this does not mean you have to shop separately to get the things you want and need. Shopping together for groceries can help you take advantage of bulk prices on plenty of items and collaborate on the weekly deals from grocery stores.

Prioritize Meals at Home

Although you might be used to eating out, as opposed to cooking at home, you should make an effort to prioritize meals at home for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It is significantly easier to save money on eating when you decide to eat at home, instead of at restaurants and fast food establishments.

Learn to Carpool

It might not be feasible to carpool on a regular basis, especially if you work in another area and at different times than your roommate, but you should try to do it whenever possible. When paying down debt, you want to use every opportunity to minimize your costs, which carpooling can help you accomplish.

Tackling your debt is easier to do when you are willing to make changes in every aspect of your life to save money and put more money towards reducing and eventually eliminating money owed. Applying some of these methods with a roommate will help you cut costs and pay your debt faster. It may also help to seek help from a financial guidance center, if you find yourself really struggling. Go to sites of local centers to learn more.

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