How To Raise Bail Money For A Loved One

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How To Raise Bail Money For A Loved One

21 December 2015
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Going to jail can be a scary experience. This is especially true when it is for something minor or a mix up. If you get a phone call from a family member calling from jail, then it is common to feel compassion and want to help. However, it can be hard to offer help when you do not have the money. Read on to find out how to raise bail money to get a loved one out of jail.

Go To A Bail Bondsman

If you do not have the entire bail bonds amount, then you can get help from a bail bondsman. Bail bond services allow you to pay for 10 percent of the bail and the bondsman pay for the rest. If you take out a bond for someone, then you are taking on a big responsibility. You are responsible for the defendant showing up in court and the remaining balance of the bond.

Get Out Of Jail Free

If your loved one was arrested for a minor offense, then he or she should ask the judge to be released on their own recognizance. Released on your own recognizance means signing an agreement and making a promise to show up in court. It also means the judge releases you without having to pay a bail.

However, you have to convince the judge to make this decision. You can convince the judge by having family in the city, being employed and by not having a criminal record. A defendant can make this request at his or her first court appearance.

Conditions On Being Released

When a defendant is released on bond, he or she must follow certain conditions.These conditions may require the defendant to obey all laws or may be  based on the crime committed. If a defendant is in jail for a domestic dispute, then a condition is to not come in contact with the victim. 

It is important for your loved ones to follow these conditions. If he or she violates, then the judge can revoke bail. This results in your loved one having to return to jail. There is also the possibility of losing your bail money when a bond is revoked.

If you decide to bail someone out of jail, then you are responsible for any loans taken out. It is important that you can pay back the money in case your family member is unable to pay it back. If you are considering raising money for bail, visit the site of bail companies in your area for more information. 

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