3 Vital Tips For Managing A New Checking Account

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3 Vital Tips For Managing A New Checking Account

25 June 2020
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Are you excited about opening a new bank account? If you never had one, you might be very anxious to start using yours. When you get your new account, you might want to find the best ways to use it before you get started. Here are three vital tips that may help you learn how to manage your new account the proper way.

1. Understand the Difference Between Bank Balance and Actual Balance

One essential thing you should understand is the difference between the bank balance and your actual balance. If you are getting a checking account, you can quickly learn the difference by using a check register to record your transactions. You can still understand the differences in these two balances even if you do not use a check register.

The balance that the bank says you have might not be the actual amount you have. This balance only reflects the posted transactions. Therefore, you might have more or less money in the account than what the bank says you have. Your actual balance is the balance you have, considering all transactions, whether they posted or not.

For example, suppose the bank balance shows you have $500 in your account. Imagine, though, that you gave your friend a check for $100 yesterday that has not yet cleared. Your bank balance will show $500 until the check clears, but your actual balance is $400 because of the check you wrote.

2. Learn How to Use Bill Pay Services

The second vital thing to know is how to use the bill pay services your bank app offers. Bill pay services are extremely useful for managing a bank account and your bills, so you should learn how to use these services.

3. Find Ways to Avoid Bank Fees

Finally, it would help if you learned how to find ways to avoid paying bank fees. For example, if you get a debit card, you probably can use it for free by using select ATM machines. If you use other ATM machines, you might inherit fees. This example is just one of many examples that can help you learn how to avoid paying bank fees with your new account.

By understanding and applying these three things, you should have no trouble managing your new banking account. If you have questions about the types of bank accounts you can choose from, talk to a bank of your choice.

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