Considerations When Choosing A Mortgage Lender

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Considerations When Choosing A Mortgage Lender

7 September 2021
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Mortgages are the easiest way to realize your homeownership. The low interest rates of mortgages compared to other loans makes them favorable for most people. Homebuyers also enjoy mortgages supported by governmental policies and shared-ownership schemes. When borrowing the money, the house is your collateral, and you can pay back the loan without a rush. However, buying a home is a big purchase and may become the biggest debt in your life. Therefore, you need to choose the right mortgage lender and ensure that they offer the mortgage package that fits your housing and financial needs. This article guides you through some of the factors you should consider when selecting a mortgage lender

Mortgage Fees

A mortgage fee is an amount the mortgage lender charges for processing the loan. Most mortgage lenders quote the amount as a percentage of your total mortgage. You may consider paying the mortgage fee out-of-pocket and consider it a one-time expense. This type of payment is cost-effective, but you can still avoid the closing costs by looking for loyalty programs, applying through military programs, or using a union. Therefore, you should scrutinize the paperwork and ensure you are getting the best deal in the market.


Mortgage rates can be fixed or variable. Hence, which one should you choose? If you select a fixed-rate loan, you protect yourself from the sudden increase in monthly payments when interest rates increase. Fixed-rate mortgages are easy to understand and service. On the other hand, loans with a variable rate enable you to take advantage of low-interest rates in the future. Their downside is that you will pay higher installments if interest rates increase. The best way to overcome this is by ensuring your mortgage lender allows you to refinance your loan in the future. As such, you can change your adjustable-rate loan into a fixed-rate mortgage and vice versa. 


Your mortgage lender should only give you the loan that you can afford. If you plan on paying the loan using your monthly income, calculate the impact that monthly payments will have on your disposable income. You can also consider home-related costs, credit cards, auto loans, and student loans since they all come from your salary. The mortgage lender should also guide you through these calculations to avoid sacrificing your comfort and lifestyle. 

Local Servicing

Mortgage lenders can either maintain servicing of the loan or sell it to a secondary market. If the lender does not sell the loan, you can contact them and ask questions even after closing the deal. This option is better than reaching a servicer you do not know in another part of the country. Therefore, ensure that the mortgage provider provides local servicing. 

You should consider the mortgage fees and interest rates when choosing a mortgage lender. Your mortgage lender should also have integrity and provide an affordable loan. It would be best to inquire whether the mortgage lender offers local servicing to ensure your convenience during the payment period. 

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